Celebrating the Light of the World at the end of 2017



Progress in the new SMU prayer room and Celebrating Jesus at the end of 2017!

December 2017

Dear Partners,

     As you can see in the photos above, the new prayer room we've helped to start at SMU is coming along nicely and is almost done. We'll be contacting numerous Christian groups on campus starting in January to invite them to start using it again as often as they can! Below, you'll see Phil and Christy at SMU's annual Celebration of Lights, where the main campus building, Dallas Hall, and its surrounding trees are adorned with Christmas lights and the president of the university read from the Christmas story in the Gospel of Luke and a student prayed in the name of Jesus while numerous other students showed off their talents performing and singing various songs of the season including Silent Night.
     Finally, the last photo is of us celebrating the first night of Chanukah earlier this month with our Snowshoe Cat, Sara, looking on in the background. For those who don't know, Chanukah is mentioned in chapter 10 of the Gospel of John where Jesus visited the Temple in Jerusalem.  Chanukah (חנוכה) is the Hebrew word for "Dedication" which is why John's Gospel calls it the "Festival of Dedication," celebrating a miracle done by God after a successful Jewish revolt against one the remnants of Alexander the Great's empire known as the Seleucid Empire. In this miracle, God made 1 day's worth of oil for the lamp situated in the Jewish temple, called the Menorah, last 8 days, while new oil was being dedicated. This process of dedication was necessary to remove defilement wrought on the temple by the Seleucid tyrant, Antiochus IV, who essentially banned the Jewish religion in Israel over 150 years before Jesus' birth. It is called the "Festival of Lights" because it is a reminder of how God miraculously provided light in the temple through multiplying the oil. Almost 200 years later, God would do another miracle of multiplication through Jesus, causing a few fish and loaves of bread to become enough to feed thousands.
     Jesus is the light of the world, and we want to thank you, our partners, family, and friends, for helping to shine His light in the world through our work together supported by your prayers and financial partnership with us. We could not do what we do without you, and as we come to the end of 2017 we want to make sure you know how thankful we are for you. God bless you all, a belated Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas, and we wish you a very Happy 2018!
-Phil and Christy Carlson

Worth Love Ministries, Inc.

P.S. If you are looking to make a year-end gift to Worth Love Ministries, you can do so at http://worthlove.org/giving/ We are still short of our 2017 goals by $2,500 in special gifts and $175/month in monthly financial partnerships.