An Urgent Request to the Partners and Friends of Worth Love Ministries

To our dear friends and partners, Over the last few days Christy and I (Phil) have gotten some tough news. As many of you know, Christy has had 5 surgeries on her left leg over the last year and a half, and despite having pretty good insurance, it has still led to significant medical costs for us. She has one semester left at SMU to finish her pre-med program so that she can prepare for medical school. SMU for some silly reasons does not allow her to get any federal assistance as a "second degree candidate," so we've had to get her through her classes via private student loans. We haven't been able to locate scholarships that would work for her situation besides. After putting all of our extra expenses related to her surgeries and recovery on a credit card, my credit has been damaged and I can no longer qualify as a co-signer to help her get another loan to get through her last semester. We've asked others to be co-signers, and all three of them have not been able to qualify. We need to be able to put $15,000 in SMU's hands before August 15th. - Some may ask, "why such an expensive school?" and the answer is because we found out from someone on a medical school admissions committee that top medical schools won't accept class credits from community colleges and most "lower-tier" colleges. Medicine, especially surgical medicine (what Christy is interested in - cardio thoracic or orthopedics), has just become that competitive. We feel that Christy is called to medicine, and we know she is capable of the work. In the future, we want to include medical mission work as part of what we do with Worth Love Ministries, but Christy has to finish medical school first, and to do that, she has to finish her last semester at SMU. We are asking you, our ministry partners and friends, to prayerfully consider making a donation to help pay for Christy's last semester at SMU so that she can fulfill what we believe is a call from God in medicine through our ministry. Gifts can be made through the link below and are tax-deductible. If you have any questions about all of this, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration!