Quote from The Triumphant Church

Last year someone recommended to Christy and I that we take a look at a book by Kenneth E. Hagin called The Triumphant Church, and shortly after making that recommendation they bought both of us two copies of it. I've finally made the time to start reading it, and wanted to share this great tidbit I found on page 33 which I wanted to share with you: "Success in life over the devil doesn't come by trying to cast out some kind of evil spirit all the time. It comes from getting your mind so filled with the Word of God that your mind will side in with your spirit. And your spirit directed by the Holy Spirit will lead you in all the affairs of life - including out of the traps and snares of the devil."

I can't say I fully recommend or dislike this book yet since I'm still just starting to read it, but I hope you like that quote as much as I do. God bless!