Roadmap of the Book of Revelation



How to use this outline: simply read the book of Revelation with this outline nearby. As you progress through the Book, use the outline as you would a map for driving.

General Order of the Book: Revelation contains 4 parts (Chapters 1-5) in its structure. The 4th part has 5 chronological sections in which the events occur in sequential order (Chapters 6-22). All events and numbers in Revelation are to be taken in their plain meaning (literal) unless specifically indicated not to. There are 7 main symbols in the Book, each of these are mentioned within the outline as they appear in each chapter.


Rev. 1 PART 1–John isCALLED to prophesy about the end times: John gives truths about Jesus’ majesty. These truths form the way he prophesies about the end times, and are meant to equip us.

Rev. 2-3 PART 2–Jesus gave 7 LETTERS to 7 churches: the instructions Jesus gave to these 7 churches about overcoming sin give us practical insight into what we must also overcome today. (NOTE: Chapters 1-3 contain 30 specific descriptions of Jesus, His majesty and personality. If we devotionally read and sing these, whisper our agreement of these back to Jesus and set these truths continually before our mind and eyes, each description will cause us to trust and adore Jesus MORE!)

Rev. 4-5 PART 3–Jesus takes the SCROLL: The scroll represents the earth’s title deed and Jesus’ battle plan to cleanse the earth in preparation for His rule. His plan is seen in the events of Rev. 6-22.

Rev. 6-22 PART 4–Jesus’BATTLE PLAN is written in the scroll and includes the Great Tribulation judgments against Babylon and the Antichrist’s empire. Jesus reveals His main storyline of love to cleanse the earth of evil. His battle plan is described in five chronological sections describing the judgment events, each followed by an angelic explanation. The 5 Chronological Sections: tell us what happens to the Antichrist’s followers in 21 judgment events (7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls). These intensify in severity as they unfold. The 5 Angelic Explanations: function as a parenthesis, putting the storyline on “pause”. They answer questions arising from the chronological sections: Why is God’s wrath so severe? What will happen to us? Angels explain to John what happens to God’s people including what Jesus ill do to help the saints and how the Antichrist will persecute them.

Rev. 6 Chronological section #1: the SEAL JUDGMENTS against the kingdom of darkness.

Rev. 7 Angelic Explanation #1: we receive PROTECTION from judgments and falling away.

Rev. 8-9 Chronological section #2: the TRUMPET JUDGMENTS against the Antichrist’s empire.

Rev. 10-11 Angelic Explanation #2: we receive DIRECTION by the increase of prophetic ministry.

Rev. 11:15-19 Chronological section #3: the SECOND COMING PROCESSION and the rapture of the Church. The seventh and last trumpet (1 Cor. 15:52; 1 Thes. 4:16; Rev. 10:7): Jesus will replace all governmental leaders on earth in a hostile takeover. He will lead a royal procession across the earth. He will first travel across the sky to rapture the saints (every eye will see Him; Rev. 1:7), then through the land of Edom (modern-day Jordan; Isa. 63:1-6; Hab. 3:12) destroying His enemies, then to Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:2-5).

Rev. 12-14 Angelic explanation #3: Antichrist’s violent CONFRONTATION against the saints and all that is good in society requires that all his evil governments be replaced.


1.Woman with a Male-child (Jesus)—is the faithful remnant of Israel through history (Rev. 12)

2. Dragon–symbolic of Satan (Rev. 12:3, 4, 7, 9, 13, 16, 17; 13:2, 4; 16:13; 20:2)

3. First Beast–is symbolic of the Antichrist (Rev. 13; 14:9-11; 17:3-17; 19:19-21; 20:4, 10)

4. Another Beast: is symbolic of the False Prophet called “another Beast” just once (Rev. 13:11)

4. Seven Heads: are 7 empires from history that persecuted Israel (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, revived Roman Empire of Dan. 2:41-42; 7:7; Rev. 12:3; 13:1; 17:3-16)

Rev. 15-16 Chronological section #4: the BOWL JUDGMENTS destroy evil infrastructures in society

Rev. 17-18 Angelic explanation #4: the SEDUCTION of society by Babylon’s evil religion will permeate and infiltrate every social structures, requiring that Babylon be totally destroyed.


1. Ten Horns: represents a 10-nation confederation that serves the Antichrist (Rev. 17:12-13)

2. Harlot Babylon: will be a worldwide demonically inspired religious and economic system based in the re-built city of Babylon, near Baghdad in Iraq (Rev. 17-18; Jer. 50-51)

Rev. 19-20 Chronological section #5: Jesus’ TRIUMPHAL ENTRY to Jerusalem (Rev. 19:11-21:8)

Rev. 21-22 Angelic Explanation #5: the RESTORATION of all things Acts 3:21 (Rev. 21:9-22:5)

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The above outline is taken from Mike Bickle's Overview of the Book of Revelation.