Ideas about God, or God Himself?

"It's a lot easier to learn principles than it is to tarry with the Christ. I know so many little preacher boys, and some of them are 70 years old, [and] their whole life is nothing but doctrines and principles, but they have never tarried before the Lord. They have spent no closet time. Their knees are not bare. ... They'd honor the pilgrims and the puritans all day long but they know nothing, they know nothing of their zeal and nothing of their passion. It is so easy to learn principles about holiness. It is so easy to learn attributes of God as they are set forth in statements, but how many men are so sick and tired of not being in the [experiential] presence of God that they are willing to depart from absolutely everything... they will not rest until the presence of God is real [experientially] in their life. ... You're going to become nothing more than a bunch of cold principles if the presence and the power of God is not in your life." Quote from Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society