Humility and revival

An observation: The people who seem to have the most truly "historically significant" ministries tend to think very little of themselves - Heidi Baker for instance, who calls herself, "just a little preacher in the dirt. A little servant in the dirt." Yet a whole nation (Mozambique) has been shifted by the Baker's lives, they've planted thousands of churches and they've seen around 100 people raised from the dead miraculously through their ministry.

Then there are some other ministry leaders out there who seem to love to talk about how amazing and awesome they are. Sadly we may have been them. But we don't see the same kind of fruit in their lives as we see in those who are truly humble. Perhaps if we were all more in love with the radical Lover of our souls and less in love with our public images, we might actually see the revival so many of us seem to be trying to convince everyone that we will bring about through our own personal awesomeness.

Perhaps God would promote "our ministries" better than we ever could. Perhaps we might not be so concerned about our circumstances, relationships or finances anymore. Perhaps we might have a more healthy and happy view of ourselves and be less focused on promoting ourselves and more interested in promoting Yeshua (Jesus) and His truly amazing love. Perhaps...

Phil Carlson Co-president Worth Love Ministries, Inc.

adapted from a Facebook post made by Phil on May 15th, 2014