Heidi Baker quotes from "Radical Love = Radical Obedience"

This message is both encouraging and highly convicting, driving listeners into receiving the Father's love, but also intentionally investing the love they have received into others as spiritual children. Here is the original message on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLRTtvr1_38  

"I want to be one who radically believes and radically obeys for love's sake."

"Some of you think that it's extraordinary people who God uses, but actually it's little lovers who are obedient. God is not looking for extraordinary magnificent people, he's looking for little lives laid at His feet who say, 'yes.'"

"He knows what He is doing even if you don't understand."

"Some of you still feel like you are orphans. Why? You are not! Believe, believe, believe, believe that you are beloved of the Father."

"There's something about radical obedience that's contagious, and if you will open your heart and believe and take someone with you then God will cause them to walk so beautifully in the presence that they'll run ahead of you."

"Holy Spirit wants to possess you, He will not leave you orphans. Father has adopted us. But there's something about caring for orphans that is so strongly on God's heart that it's not just that the Father adopts us but He asks us to adopt others. Do you understand? He doesn't just adopt you and then there you are, just by yourself, you're just you and God and how wonderful that is, wouldn't that be lovely? No people to mess up your day. Just you and God. He's altogether perfect. You know I'm so happy to be with God, but sometimes I don't want to be with people. People always need things, and we care for 5,000 children ... do you know they're always needy? Just like the church."

"Radical obedience. It's not a sacrifice, it's a joy!"

"He hasn't left you orphans ... but He has asked you to bring the orphans home. Find one. Find one. Find somebody who needs to be mothered, who needs to be fathered, and bring them into the place of love."

"You know who raises the dead? Little people, little people, little people in mud huts who believe. God wants to take you into a place of obedience, into a place of belief where the dead are raised, where the spiritually dead are raised."

"Your challenges in the first world are so much more difficult than anything I face at any time day or night. Your challenges are beyond extraordinary. Your challenges are difficult and your challenges are painful because you look into the face of a people who don't believe, a people who don't even know they're hungry, a people who don't even know they're orphans, a people who don't even know how much they're in need of a father, but you are just as called as I am to bring the orphans home. ... Find them in their disguise, find them in their disease, find them in their brokenness, find them in their place of death and bring the orphans home. Will you be a mother? Will you be a father? Will you have eyes that are open, eyes that love, a heart that breaks? Will you see more than you? Will you bring the orphan home?"