This church ought to go wild! - A quote from Paul Washer

Here's a great quote on desire for God and its results in our lives that fits in our concept of "Encounter God. Encounter His love. See Him encounter others through you." "Do you have a passion for God? Do you desire Him? Do you long for Him? ... if someone were to look at your life, would they say, 'This person has a passion, not for ministry, not for missions, not for evangelism, but for God.' ... This [church] ought to be a contradiction... Our theology should be high, even it should be called academic and to some degree people should think that the only thing we think about is theology and truth, and yet when the worship leader gets up here, this place ought to go wild." - Paul Washer

Paul Washer is a prolific missionary, evangelist and founder of HeartCry Missionary Society. Here is the context of this quote from a youtube compilation video: