Father of Lights quotes


The recently released documentary "Father of Lights" by Darren Wilson, has deeply impacted us as well as many tens of thousands worldwide. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to. You can find information about it here: fatheroflights.wpfilm.com/ Below you will find a number of quotes we transcribed from the film, and we hope they will encourage and touch you at least as much as they impacted us. Please do not consider them to be a full representation of the film, as they represent a very small part of it.

"The biggest misconception of the Father I think is that He needs something from us or that He wants something from us. And, if you have natural children, of course you want them to manage themselves well, but I don't think my parents have ever needed something from me other than love and support. So I think that a lot of times I just see people who are caught up in, 'I don't really know the Father as a father, I know Him as a boss.'" Shawn Bolz, Pastor - Expressions 58

"The Father has a personality. He's God, He has a personality. And there is judgement and He does get angry, and the thing that makes Him angry is when people have no hunger, when people reject His Son it makes Him angry. But when we know the love of Jesus, then we know the love of the Father." Heidi Baker - Iris Ministries

"There's something about, when people for the first time in their life feel loved unconditionally, there's nothing you can do to earn His love, He's just wrapping His arms around you at your worst state, at your worst binge, and that's the revelation we try to give; that there's no way in the world that you can outrun the love of God." Matthew Barnett, Founder - The Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA

"The 'religious spirit,' it's demonic, and it attempts to substitute a demonic power or a fleshly power for the power of the Holy Spirit. And the 'religious spirit' is more concerned with what we look like than what we really are." Jack Deere, Pastor/Theologian - Dallas, TX

"That's kind of the heart of pharisaism. It's religious activity that we never let get to our heart. Or, if it gets to our heart, it's an affection for the religious activity as opposed to God. So this people, Isaiah 29, this people, "I'm on their lips, but I'm far from their heart." Jack Deere, Pastor/Theologian - Dallas, TX

"The 'religious spirit' wants punishment. Some measure of punishment. It was the religious spirit that had the priests, the pharisees, with stones in their hands wanting to kill. Jesus is right there with the woman caught in adultery. His interest wasn't 'my image... what are people going to think.' It wasn't His image. The interest was, here's a person that's redeemable, and He wasn't going to get her turned around through judgement." Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor - Bethel Church, Redding, CA

"God has given us, according to 2 Corinthians 5, the famous verse, we're a new creation, the very next 5 or 6 verses says we have the ministry of reconciliation. He defines the ministry of reconciliation (Paul does) as not holding their trespasses against them... Our approach is this: What if some of the disasters that come aren't really released necessarily because God wanted to destroy, but because He gave the church an option. In John 20 He said, 'whoever you forgive I forgive. [If you] retain the sins of any, I retain the sins.' So my question to our people is, what if these things come because the church has held up accusation against the city of San Francisco? We've heard it said, 'If God doesn't punish San Francisco, He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.' Hollywood, the filth that they're releasing into the earth ... Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City... Those five cities are the most judged cities in the sense of natural disaster, economic crisis and terrorism. But, my question is, I wonder, if maybe, since He's given us His name, He's given us His authority, if maybe these things were released because the church has been holding the sins against them. "It is a prime time. It is a prime time for us to stand before God and realize, 'I didn't deserve your mercy, I didn't deserve your grace,' and in the same measure I'm saying, 'take the favor you've shown me, and show it to them.' I think we're positioned, if we'll capture the heart of The Lord on this, I think we can turn this thing." Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor - Bethel Church, Redding, CA

"The 'religious spirit' is rooted in man trying to be righteous outside of a relationship with God. And it persecutes anything that looks like a relationship with God. Just as importantly, it becomes another set of rules. And I think the 'religious spirit' can take on lots of different faces. For instance: In our culture we have a signs and wonders school, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry with 1300 students in it, and my concern is our culture is that doing the works of Jesus, in other words, healing the sick, casting out demons, prophesying for instance, that can be just another way I perform." Kris Vallotton, Pastor - Bethel Church, Redding, CA

"You know, Jesus said that some will come to Me and say, 'didn't we cast out demons, didn't we prophesy, didn't we do all these things?' And He said, 'I never knew you.'" Kris Vallotton, Pastor - Bethel Church, Redding, CA

"In America, there's a generation that is experiencing more options than any generation in all of history, so the tendency towards materialism or distraction is so available. I think the ability, the instant access to entertainment and social networks and internet and travel ... there's so many choices and options in this generation. What excites me is that choices are powerful in the midst of options, not in the midst of no options. And I think we're going to see the most powerful generation this world's ever seen coming out of an environment that gives them options. And a generation's going to arise that their 'yes' in their spirit is going to be so loud it will drown out everything else." Banning Liebscher, Director - Jesus Culture

"And the scandal of grace is, it's radical injustice. In the real world of man's thinking, that He likes me for what I brought to the relationship, that is scandalous! That is injustice, it's not fair! And The Lord says, 'It's not supposed to be fair. I am God. My Son paid for the injustice.' That's the scandal of grace." Mike Bickle, Founder - International House of Prayer, Kansas City, MO

"We believe that God is the giver of life, and if He chose for a life to be created, that there's purpose in the life. These children have taught us more than probably some of the greatest teachers and preachers of our time about love. God has used them to change the way that we think, the way that we feel, and we're happy. Holding them I feel God's presence, and holding them I feel His pleasure. And holding them and loving them, even when they die in my arms, I feel His grace. Why would He choose us? I don't know, but there's this knowing that we're in the center of His will for our life, and we know we're only a piece of the puzzle. We're only one piece of this amazing puzzle that He's created, and we just want to do our part well." Deena Vant Hul, Director - Loves and Fishes International

"There's over 165,000 Christians were killed for their faith, just last year. There's between 200 and 300 million persecuted Christians worldwide, and the world is remaining silent about it. It's the worst holocaust the world has ever known, and even the churches here [in America] don't know about it. Why? Because our world is divided into two zones: A conflict zone and a comfort zone. The more that you are in a conflict zone, the more that the church is united; it's strong. The more that you're in the comfort zone, the church doesn't care. It only cares about itself. They preach healing, prosperity, which is fair enough. It's good; it's important. Jesus did promise healing in the Bible, and we all believe in that, but did you know that He also promised persecution?" Majed el Shafie, Founder - One Free World International

"Our world today is an unfair place. It's a dark place. Not because the people are doing evil, but because of the good people that sit around don't do something to stop it. In the absence of light, darkness prevails." Majed el Shafie, Founder - One Free World International

"Don't boast about having great faith. Don't judge other faiths. I believe Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life. I will not try to be politically correct. It's simple. The line has been drawn in the sand. Jesus is the only way. I'm ready to die for this statement. But then, how you can fade away, is only through love." Philip Mantofa, Pastor - Surabaya, Indonesia

"When I stand up to preach the Gospel, I often preach to people who have no idea who God is because they worship idols, very terrible idols. They spread the table for their gods, and I tell them that the Christian God does it the other way around. He spreads the table for His children. In the other religions people always seek God. In the Christian faith, God seeks man." Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelist - Christ for all Nations