A Brief Rant on God's Love!

His love is so good! So rich! So deep! So wealthy, so wonderful! We were made to feast on it, breathe it, drink it in, swim in it and long for more of Him in the process. We were made for fellowship with Him in love. In that place, we are enabled to rightly love our brothers because we need nothing from them to make us feel better about ourselves. Our relationship instead is built on the sharing of God's love to us, in us and through us to one another. Even now He has made the fullness of His love available to us, and it is ours to receive and enjoy just as we share in the joys and peace of His presence. We were made to feast on His love forever, and enjoy the outflow of that with one another. As Christians in this fallen world, we often forget how to simply enjoy God, His love, His presence, and truly, all we really need to do is enjoy our Daddy's love, and the love of His Son, our eternal Bridegroom. The fullness of the Kingdom is found in Him, and His Holy Spirit lives inside all who trust in His Son's finished work. So, let's enjoy Him! He's here, with us, right now. He's not far away. He's closer than our own skin, and nearer than our own hearts. He's singing His love to us right now, and if we'll listen, we can hear His song, and find confidence, hope and joy in our hearts once again.

Let's enjoy our Lord now, so that we are fully prepared for His eternal purposes, because He longs to promote people who enjoy Him, and trusts those who love Him with greater revelation of His heart and the inner thoughts of His holy mind. Jesus!

-Phil C.