The Ministry Strategy of Worth Love Ministries


The following is an explanation of the strategy of Worth Love Ministries to accomplish our mission statement in pursuit of our vision.


We personally encounter and experience God through a lifestyle of prayer, worship and study of the Bible. Out of the overflow of these devotional times, we invite born-again believers into a lifestyle of Biblical study, prayer and fasting, as well as inviting the lost to encounter God through praying for them, serving them and preaching the Gospel.


As both the churched and unchurched encounter God through receiving teaching, praying, reading the Bible and being mentored in discipleship, they discover the reality of who God is and who they are in Him. As they grow in the knowledge of God, not only will they be transformed, but they will naturally seek out ways to do the works that are consistent with greater repentance and faith in Christ.


We encourage and train those to whom we minister to proclaim the Gospel of the nearness of the Kingdom and the atoning work of Christ through Biblical acts of justice including serving the poor, healing the sick, evangelistic work, intercessory prayer, and much more.


We empower these disciples of Jesus Christ to personally continue to be intentional about encountering God in the place of prayer, worship and Biblical study while also being intentional about proclaiming the reality of Christ in all that they do wherever God leads them in life and vocation. It all begins and ends in the place of encountering Him.