Darkness Forever Burning, or Matthew 5:14-16

Darkness It sits over the hill Wrapped around Embracing the ground like a man hugging a woman

Pinning her down so long She forgot There was any other option

The people lie down upon the hill Not asleep, not awake Just laying before darkness

Enjoying the embrace They know of nothing and no one better It's no different from the womb for them

A cold womb Airy, empty, dry But familiar

A warm man Small and far from home Produces himself, crawling out of the ground of the hill

The air warms to Him As if He made it Warm

He sees although all is in darkness He has light in Him

His eyes light the way Because they are windows to his heart Where love is beaten through His body

He walks to me A living yet lifeless body Sprawled over the familiar hill in the hug of darkness

Though He inconveniently removes my companion The darkness that embraces me And my friends

Leaving me lonely in the light of His gaze Setting heat on me Burning me up with His friendship

Not the passive friendship I've known so long But the inconvenient, in my face In my heart kind

He sees me where I don't want to be seen But doesn't remove His gaze Or His warmth

He makes me glow like Him From inside Out

Burning Inconvenient Addictive

Burning Unlovely But perfect

Burning Warmly With joy

Beautiful Found My heart?

I didn't know it was there! Who can I tell about it? I take His hand boldly

May I show you to my friends? Sure! He says to me

He walks into me And sends me To look my friends in the eye

Until they are so afflicted With burning Love

That they start to move And touch Him who lives in me Because He touched them first

Because He looked at me first To make this a city of His embrace Burning

Setting this hill on fire That we might burn before Him And men

That we might be a warm city on this hill A light in the darkness Burning in love

Forever Before Him Who saw me First The light of the world

Burning forever before Him in love Warmly

Forever Burning

Copyright 2012 Worth Love Ministries, Inc.