A Poetic Prayer

Daddy God, Please keep me from the sin of not talking with You:

Let affliction come if I forget your name,

Pour out all Your blessings, but don’t let them be a snare;

Put a fire in my heart so I’ll live only for Your fame.

Teach me obedience, conform my will to yours;

Transform my mind and wash my heart,

So my body serves Your cause.

Hold me in your arms, let me look into Your eyes,

Let me drink deeply of Your love and be a fool

for You, confounding all the wise.

Teach me what it is to trust You, to believe You’re perfectly good

I’ve been hurt, my heart is weary,

But I’ll be made well with Your love as drink and Your Word as my spiritual food.

I want to live for You, to have hope and endure through hardship and pain,

Help me, hold me in Your hand

So I’ll have strength to persevere until You come again for an earthly reign.

Teach me to love, as You still love me, to give without expecting a return;

To see the broken hearts beneath the flesh,

So Your love for them in my heart will eternally burn.

Show me how to live as a citizen of heaven here on earth,

To burn with a passion for you more intense

than on the day of my second birth...

Make me holy and keep me from all things that defile,

From all the obsessions of this world,

of lust, money and style.

Adorn me with righteous works that come by faith

As I shed these bloody rags I once so proudly wore

So I can stare at my Love, Jesus, in the face ...

Imagining an eternity of all the love He has in store.

I cannot wait, my God, my King, to be married to Your Son;

To eat at the marriage supper with my Savior, Friend, Lover, Lord,

With whom, one day, I’ll happily be made one.

Until that day, please give me peace, a rest in the midst of the storm,

Whose cold winds tempt me to hopeless worry

When soon and very soon, in Your Lover’s embrace I’ll soon be warm.