What is Needed in Evangelism Today

Here is a powerful quote regarding what produces an actively and successfully evangelistic Christian community:

“This is the new evangelism we need. It is not better methods, but better men and women who know their Redeemer from personal experience - men and women who see His vision and feel His passion for the world - men and women who are willing to be nothing so that He might be everything - men and women who want only for Christ to produce His life in and through them according to His own good pleasure.”

-Robert E. Coleman

This is true, and when we look at the list of the greatest evangelists in Christian history, they have almost always had a prayer life that required at least 2 hours a day for time with God. I would add however, that what Coleman has said here needs to be combined with regular and intentional verbal proclamation of the Gospel. Many debate methods, but most are terribly quiet about Jesus.