Why Most Christians Who Say They Believe The Bible Don't Actually Believe It

A brief rant: Far too many people who call themselves by the name of Christ unconsciously or consciously refer to themselves as the measure of true goodness rather than the God of the universe. Thus, they look at the God of Scripture as One whom they cannot agree with nor will they submit themselves to His teaching because they disagree with His standard of righteousness.

Instead, they pick and choose what they like most about the character traits of God as enumerated in the Scriptures, throw out the rest of the Bible, and call themselves "Biblical Christians." One does not maintain beliefs consistent with Biblical Christianity unless one agrees with the whole counsel of God - the full canon of Old and New Testament Scripture taken in context with appropriate historical and cultural exegesis and hermeneutics. To do anything else is to create an altogether new religion that is no longer qualified to be called “truth,” let alone receive the title of Biblical Christianity.

Brief rant over.


1 John 4:10

Note: Proper exegesis is the process of allowing Scripture to determine our views rather than reading our views into Scripture. Hermeneutics is the contextually appropriate, Holy Spirit informed and intellectually honest interpretation of Scripture where Scripture is used to interpret itself.