The Core Values, Mission and Vision Statements of our Ministry


The following is the vision statement, mission statement and the values that drive this ministry.

Vision Statement:

We want to see: The Lamb that was slain receiving the reward of His sufferings through people rooted and grounded in the love and knowledge of God, radiating with continuously burning love for Him.

Mission Statement:

We adopt and cultivate lives fascinated by Jesus.

Core Values:

I. Intimacy

The most important relationship in all of life is that between the Bridegroom (Jesus) and the Bride of Christ (the church).  Because Father God chose us for full adoption into the family of the kingdom, He formed us for personal, experiential and intimate knowledge of God, His affections and His character. This is the ultimate and all-encompassing purpose of life: to know, tangibly experience and love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. The desired result of intimacy is to experience and know Jesus’ emotions, His beauty, His commitments to us (to share His heart, home, throne, secrets, and beauty), and that we would respond in wholehearted love and obedience to Him. This journey to intimacy begins with experiencing Jesus’ heart, emotions, and affections personally, and understanding that He delights in us, enjoys us, values our work, and calls us to partner with Him in ministry.

II. Abiding in Love

is a lifestyle that begins and ends in the place of prayer and fasting. It is defined by recognizing our human frailty and insufficiency to completely know, do or discern. This lifestyle involves aiming at all times to forsake self-reliance, self-control, independence, and self-strength, choosing rather to operate out of obedience and submission to God’s agendas. This is true faith, when the Holy Spirit embraces us in our brokenness, humility, and transparency, which produces in us a heart to love and a heart to lean into God's strength and power.

III. Biblical Discipleship

Jesus has commissioned every Christian to “go and make disciples.” Jesus’ first disciples were the ones who responded to His invitation of “Come, follow Me.” Practically, we make disciples by teaching men and women to: follow Jesus; know, treasure and regularly meditate on the Word; hunger to know Him and be captivated by His love; hear the voice of God through a daily, tender, intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and obey Him with confidence; be transformed into His likeness in every sphere of life on a daily basis; desire to teach others to do the same.

IV. Prayer

is a dialogue with God that includes talking and listening to Him. Prayer is not duty-based, but is a place of abiding in Christ or connecting with the Spirit that energizes me to love God (first commandment) which causes us to overflow in love for others (second commandment). There are different expressions of prayer such as intimacy with God (includes prayer-reading the Word and fellowshipping with the Spirit); interceding for revival, justice, or social transformation; providing prayer covering for individuals; and praying for the sick. By engaging in prayer, we encounter God, do the works of the kingdom, and change the world.  A consistent prayer life is absolutely essential to life––only through a lifestyle of prayer can we receive the fullness of what God has provided for us and is calling us into. We aim to spend at least two hours in prayer each day in any of the above-mentioned four expressions of prayer.

V. Spirit-Led Teaching

is fresh or Holy-Spirit-revealed truths communicated through a message to the church that is relevant to that particular moment. The foundation for seeking a Spirit-led teaching requires cultivating a lifestyle of intimacy, prayer, fasting, study of the word and consistently dialoguing with the Holy Spirit, asking for wisdom, insight and revelation into situations and atmospheres for individuals and groups to encounter the person of Jesus afresh through teaching.

VI. Justice

is making wrong things right in both social order and legal equity. The Great Commission is a call to disciple all nations and involves establishing justice in all seven spheres of society. Our approach to justice must:  be in deep allegiance to Jesus (agree with scripture); be released by intercessory worship; operate in the Spirit’s power, insight and direction; result in evangelism; support for Israel; protect the lives of the unborn; and release freedom for the captives (i.e. human trafficking, caring for widows, orphans and abuse victims). All efforts MUST start with and end with a life of righteousness energized by intimacy with God. This requires cultivating works of justice in the place of intimacy and in accordance with Scripture, the end goal being to prepare the way of the Lord as hearts are made ready for the return of Jesus.