Powerful Quotes from Furious Love

I watched the documentary, Furious Love back in early 2011, and God rocked my world through it. Below are some quotes from the film that really hit my heart. For more information on the documentary itself, visit: http://furiouslovethemovie.com -Phil

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Quote 1:

I did my thesis on spiritual warfare and I studied for a long time the weapons of our warfare, because traditionally they say, you know, the Word of God, the blood of Christ, the word of our testimony, which is all true. Very true. But I’ve come to the conclusion after a long time of study; the greatest weapon that we have against the devil, is love. When God wanted to redeem a world that had come into the hands of satan, He did not use spiritual warfare, He used love. And that is one weapon the devil cannot stand, it’s the weapon of simple, pure love.

-Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp, Pastor/Missionary to the Netherlands

Quote 2:

And I watch that over, and over and over in people’s lives where they go “I don’t like God anymore.” Something terrible happens in their life, maybe their spouse dies or they lose a child or, all the crazy stories we hear, and they go “that’s God’s fault, I blame God for that,” and they walk away. But God goes, “I still love you, I still care about you, and I will set up circumstances so that you will have to try very hard, to not love Me back, because I, in this marriage, I’m the bridegroom, and you’re the bride. And in this marriage, I’m the one pursuing you, I’m the male in this relationship, I’m the pursuer, and I love you way more than you love me, and you can try to reject me and play hard to get, but you have no idea how hard it’s gonna be, to not love me.”

-Kris Vallotton, Associate Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Quote 3:

And there was an interview with a Dutch church historian, and they asked him what did he see about the people of the Dutch church. And he made the most interesting remark. He said, “We have dozens of protestant denominations and Christian groups, because,” he said, “to the Dutch person, truth is more important than unity.” And when I heard it, I thought, “I have to write to say in a whole sermon what you said in one sentence,” because, what is truth?

What he meant by truth, and rightly analyzed, is my interpretation of the Bible, my dogmatic views, my doctrinal views. But Jesus said, “I am the truth.” Truth is not a teaching. Truth is a person, and if you have that person, you have the Truth. And in that person there is always unity. But if we put our understanding of the Scripture and our doctrinal views higher than the person of Jesus, (and I’m going to say maybe something very sharp, and I want to say it respectfully and honorably) we worship idols. Anything you place above the Lord Jesus, is an idol. Our unity is not in a teaching, it’s in a person. And in that person, we always find one another.

-Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp, Pastor/Missionary to the Netherlands