True revival is not man-made

People cannot schedule a true Holy Spirit led revival. We can only cry out to God for Him to awaken His church on the earth with a demonstration of the unlimited power of His Spirit. We can only pray as Jesus taught us, that God's kingdom would come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Along with that, all we have left is obedience to God's commands to make disciples, preach the Gospel and, of course, repent. Here is an account of true revival from page 224 of "The Life and Diary of David Brainerd" from his time among the Native Americans at Crossweeksung in New Jersey, August 16th, 1745

"I never saw the work of God appear so independent of means as at this time. I discoursed to the people, and spoke what, I suppose, had a proper tendency to promote convictions. But God's manner of working upon them appeared so entirely supernatural and above means that I could scarce believe He used me as an instrument, or what I spake as means of carrying on His work. It seemed, as I thought, to have no connection with, nor dependence upon means in any respect. Although I could not but continue to use the means which I thought proper for the promotion of the work, yet God seemed, as I apprehended, to work entirely without them. I seemed to do nothing, and indeed to have nothing to do, but to 'stand still and see the salvation of God.' I found myself obliged and delighted to say, 'Not unto us,' not unto instruments and means, 'but to thy name be glory.' God appeared to work entirely alone, and I saw no room to attribute any part of this work to any created arm."