Shifting the Course of History with the love of jesus. 

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Most kids who were raised in the church, leave the church after high school.

This must change.


The question we as Christians must face is: what side of history will we be on?

For centuries, colleges and universities, including Southern Methodist University, have cultivated our culture.

These institutions have raised up influential leaders who impacted education, religion, business, government, media, family matters, and the arts. To this day, they continue to mold the leaders of tomorrow.

Every year, Christian parents send their children off to college with the expectation they will grow in leadership skills, excel in their education, and access opportunities to better their future.

What many people don’t realize is that after high school…

there’s a high probability that their child will leave the church.

To preserve our future, we must Lead the next generation to Jesus.


Love takes actioN

At Worth Love Ministries, our passion is to adopt and cultivate lives fascinated by Jesus.

Since 2012, we’ve made disciples of Jesus Christ among young adults through our Bible-based, prayer-saturated, evangelism-minded, teaching and equipping ministry. We do this through partnering with existing ministries to have maximal impact with minimal resources.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry, we benefit College students and their parents through:

+ Mentoring believers and non-believers into relationship with Jesus

+ Engaging in public discussions on college campuses

+ Producing thought provoking media including blogs, videos, and other resources

+ Providing guidance to parents on preparing Christian high school students prior to college enrollment

+ Championing Christianity in academia


we’re Phil and Christy Carlson.

As the co-founders of Worth Love Ministries, we’ve been ministering at SMU and various college campuses and churches since 2012.

We were impacted by the Gospel while we were undergraduates at SMU, giving us a passion ever since for reaching other college students with the Gospel, helping us to encounter God, encounter God’s love, and be used by God to lead others to Him. Phil has a B.A. and an M.Div. from SMU (c/o 2004, 2017), and is currently completing a Ph.D. at Regent University.

We love worshipping Jesus and seeing both believers and non-believers encounter Him.

Over our years of ministry, we’ve seen people encounter Jesus in so many different ways.

We’ve seen tears, laughter, and shouts of joy. We’ve seen addictions lifted, sin broken, bodies healed, and mindsets shifted.

Each encounter with Jesus is personal and as unique as the person He’s loving on in that moment.

We’ve also seen a hunger for the Word of God ignited through study, meditation, discussion, and discipleship.

Just take a look at our impact…


Ministry impact

overview of our reach since 2012


2018 to 2019

Making Disciples in Partnership with SMU’s Center for Faith and Learning

In 2018, SMU’s University Chaplain asked us to launch a second-year track for the year-long Faith and Learning Scholars Program, a student discipleship ministry.

We meet with SMU students weekly each semester, teaching them about Scripture, theology, and Church history, while also encouraging them to put what they learn into practice. We oversee administration, curriculum, and implementation of this part of the Faith and Learning Scholars program at SMU. 


2012 to 2017

Building a Prayer and Discipleship Ministry with Storehouse Church, Dallas

From 2012 to 2017, we worked with Storehouse in campus and pro-life ministry to college students across Texas, including SMU, University of Houston, and The University of Texas at Dallas.

We also established a night-watch prayer ministry, keeping corporate prayer going into late night and early morning hours, as well as initiating the Sons of Oil internship program, which trained a total of 14 people 3 nights/week in under a year in evangelism, studying Scripture, and prayer ministry.


2017 to 2019

Opening a Christian Prayer Room, Preaching, and Pastoring at SMU

From 2017 through 2019, we successfully lobbied the Chaplain’s office to open an explicitly Christian prayer room in the SMU student center, helped design it, and invited Christian ministries and students to use it.

Also, Phil served a group of international students pastorally, and preached the last sermon of the 2017-2018 school year for the campus chapel service by invitation of SMU’s Chaplain.



Evangelistic Events and More

We are working behind the scenes with SMU’s nationally ranked debate team to host debates that can be a gateway to Gospel ministry.

Besides this partnership, we are actively seeking out more opportunities to work with SMU staff and organizations to spur the creation of new evangelistic events. Additionally, we intend to serve women and children in crisis pregnancies in the coming years.


We’re grateful for all that we’ve seen,
yet expectant for the greater that we’ll see God do…


Join us and let’s see God do amazing things

Jesus loves you. That’s the truth.

The reality of this world we live in is that there’s a lot of college students that don’t know how loved they are by Jesus.

Help us change that.

Partner with us today to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ advance on college campuses like Southern Methodist University. What you sow today will reap a harvest for eternity.

Thank you and God bless!


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